The Exeter Retort

Exeter Retort and Exeter Charcoal.
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The Exeter Retort

The Exeter Retort was designed by Geoff Self in 2010 in response to a need for the Carbon Compost Company to produce its own charcoal. Market research was carried out by Geoff and Robin prior to design work starting. The research indicated that a machine that was mobile, very easy to use and could produce around 150kg of high-quality charcoal daily. This would suit both us and potential customers amongst the UK’s small charcoal makers. Geoff’s initial design has been extensively developed into the very successful machine we sell today. Exeter Retorts are inservice across the world from Alaska to New Zealand. We have license agreements for manufacture in three other countries. Development is constantly ongoing - we never rest on our laurels. You can now specify automatic temperature control, developed in house by Geoff as an option, and much work has been carried out in excess gas cleaning and storage. We are always happy to put potential retort purchasers directly in touch with existing customers (with their prior permission) so that their opinion is available on our machine and its ease of use.

You will find us honest and straightforward to deal with and always happy to advise on how to integrate an Exeter Retort into your business

We will also tell you if our machine would not fit well into your business plan. We are always available to help or advise prospective and existing customers with any queries or help they may need.
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