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Exeter Retort and Exeter Charcoal.
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The Carbon Compost Company, trading as Exeter Charcoal, was founded in 2010 by Geoff Self and Robin Rawle

Initially a biochar supplier the company has developed into a manufacturer of small mobile retorts. This was after a need for such a machine was identified for the company’s own purposes and following market research amongst local charcoal producers. The company also produces barbecue charcoal. We do this for a number of reasons - to improve the Exeter Retort, and to understand the charcoal business through the whole process from felling a tree to bagging and selling the final product.

We have an ethos of making sure we have a minimal carbon footprint. We have premises largely without power, make minimal use of our vehicle and do as much by hand as we can. We believe our biochar supply makes us very close to carbon neutral if not carbon negative. We believe our machine is going a long way to make locally produced charcoal carbon neutral and from totally traceable and renewable sources. We don’t think imported low quality fuel from often questionable origins many thousands of miles away is good for the planet or its forests.

You will find us honest and straightforward todeal with and always happy to advise on how to integrate an Exeter Retort into your business

We will also tell you if our machine would not fit well into your business plan. We are always available to help or advise prospective and existing customers with any queries or help they may need.
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